Creative Therapy

Motivation to look at what is valuable in ones life and to be able to take stock is very important in Therapy

This maybe done in a constructive way by a friend which is great, but often we take all negative remarks as criticism which can make us feel devastated. 

This is where Self help can be invaluable as a way to make informed decisions and reduce the levels of fear and anxiety that we all feel, to  aid us in taking control of our life. 

If the only thing that you discover about your-self is that you need help, it can be the first step to living a more meaningful life in a way which make sense to you.

I have added a couple of links below the NHS Big White Wall 24/7 support managed by trained Counsellors and a CBT Self help, do have a look, they have been helpful to many people.

If you are concerned about your health seek medical advice form your Doctor.